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HERMA Label World 2.0

Easy to use label creation software with picture editing
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Labels have evolved to today's bright, artistic and functional style away from the boring old plain text address labels of the last year, and label creation software like HERMA Label World 1.0 takes new label design even further. This program has an easy to use windows style interface where all the formats you will need can be selected by the click of the mouse and you can simply input any basic descriptions, products, order numbers, number of labels etc. A range of barcodes are available for your selection from 5 Industrial, 5 Interleaved, Code 39, EAN 128, 8, and 13, and UPC, and your chosen barcode can be inserted anywhere you want it on your label.

Having made the basic design choices above, you can now create stunning labels to advertise your product or company. The program provides a picture-editing window where you can import pictures in 32 formats and use masking effects beneath them to show only color pixels, or replace colors with black pixels, creating exciting images. Picture editing also includes hammer, or embossed effects for photos, and you can also be creative with your text. Label World provides plenty of fonts and colors for your text and you can display your text in circles for CD Labels or in Ovals, or in various other design styles. A featured design box provides the option to rotate objects or enter angles to providing more style opportunities for you.

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